Try to love one another Right now

SF-Marin Food Bank

In the spirit of the original Gathering of The Tribes at the first Human Be-In fifty-years ago, the San Francisco Great Society and Public Works in San Francisco have joined forces with SF-Marin Food Bank. With the holidays coming up, I feel it is our responsibility to provide food for neighbors in need. Hunger is a serious problem in San Francisco and Marin and we want to help this year at Gathering of the Tribes: The Second Renaissance by asking our music and art patrons to bring food for our barrel at Public Works.

One barrel can hold 200 pounds of canned and packaged non-perishable food items. Our goal is to fill up the barrel for SF-Marin Food Bank for pickup after our event is over. If every single person coming to the event brings one food item to drop into our barrel, we can reach our goal by the last hour of the evening. And the award for helping us is your love and understanding for our neighbors. The music and art community has come together to celebrate music, art and love for one day at Public Works. In the spirit of the Human Be-In and the Diggers free food services, let us carry on the tradition at Gathering of The Tribes.

Our most needed items are:
Tuna, canned meat
Peanut butter
Soup, chili
Canned fruit and vegetables
Whole grain rice, pasta & oats
No glass or perishable items, please!

Some general guidelines:
Only donate items that you would eat.
Make sure items are still within their “Use before” date.
Avoid glass items, which can break.
Avoid perishable items like dairy, meat, chicken, fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables.
We can only accept unopened items. We can accept opened packages if the internal packaging is still intact.
Please do not donate pet food. We recommend donating those items to your local animal shelter.

Thank you.

Dennis Gonzales
SFGS Festival Coordinator