Trendy Dad - Homeless Elvis (San Francisco, 2015)

Trendy Dad – Homeless Elvis (San Francisco, 2015)

One of our first pre-party bands for Gathering of The Tribes #1, Trendy Dad and their album, Homeless Elvis (San Francisco, 2015).

Recorded by Aaron Mort in Late 2015 

Mixed by Matt Lindsay and Aaron Mort

Mastered by Patrick Haight

All songs written by Matt Lindsay and Brent Stratton (unless otherwise noted (we probably owe people  

Brent Stratton: Guitar, Bass, Vocals 

Matt Lindsay: Drums, Vocals

Aaron Mort: Vocals, Gin

Cover Photography and Design by Julie Remensperger

1. Surf and Turf 

2. Penny 

3. The World is Not A Drag (The Intelligence) 

4. Losing Hand (The Royal Pendletons) 

5. New New Ron 

6. That’s How It Goes 

7. Look 

8. Paul Reubens 

9. Jinx 

10. M+J=

11. Atta Boy 

12. M.O.M.