The Spiral Electric - Upon Your Shore (San Francisco, 2015)

The Spiral Electric​ (San Francisco, 2015)

The Spiral Electric:

Clay Andrews — Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion 

Nicolas Percey — Guitars 

Tyler Allen — Bass 

Tyler Weeks — Drums 

Produced by Tommy Dietrick at Skylab Studio

“Upon Your Shore”

Om vajra sattva hung 

All day long, I am sitting here singing songs 

It’s all I know to do with you 

We never seem to get much done 

Always on the run 

And the waves that crashed upon your shore 

Might not come back no more 

Or they may again, you never do know. 

All night long, you’ve been watching things going wrong 

Don’t you know? 

It’s up to you 

Up to you to make it true, if you’re going to 

And the rain that splashed upon your floor 

Well it came back before 

And it may again, you never do know 

All day long, I’ve been sitting here singing songs 

Don’t you know? They’re all for you 

‘Cause I just want to see you smile 

Even for a mile 

And the wind that knocked upon your door 

Well it came back before 

And it will again 

If you let it go 

Om vajra sattva hung

1. Upon Your Shore 

2. So Far Gone 

3. Take the Drop

4. Never Forget

5. Envy