The Asteroid No.4 'These Flowers of Ours: A Treasury of Witchcraft & Devilry' (San Francisco Bay Area, 2008)

The Asteroid No.4 ‘These Flowers of Ours: A Treasury of Witchcraft & Devilry’ (San Francisco Bay Area, 2008)

New repressing of 2008’s These Flowers of Ours: A Treasury of Witchcraft & Devilry.
Originally released in 2008 on The Committee to Keep Music Evil, this is a anniversary limited edition remaster, featuring 2xLP, high fidelity 45rpm, 180 gram colored vintage vinyl and a download card.

“Thanks to clever mixing and post-production, changes between sub-genres are subtle, despite great potential for the opposite. Most songs feature a hefty reverb in the harmony vocals, and a similar space-y element can also be found selectively in various guitar riffs throughout the album. These commonalities dampen the transitions and keep These Flowers feeling consistent and well put-together.” –

“The Asteroid No. 4 takes dreamy shoegazer pop and mixes in elements of ’60s psychedelia and latter-day space rock to create a folk-rock sound that falls somewhere between The Byrds and The Stone Roses. The group’s fifth studio album, These Flowers of Ours, is dripping with reverb, echo, and tremolo effects — from the jangly, offbeat guitars of “My Love” to the spacey vocals of “She’s All I Need” to the wispy melodies of the space-to-ground-control message “War.” The album plays like a pastoral work of stargazing time-travel.” – NPR

“…deeply rooted in 60’s psychedelic rock reminiscent of The Byrds, updated to modern standards with sinewy post-rock. Electrified acoustic guitar strums dissolve into spiraling electric guitar chords peppered with fuzz and a bit of distortion, while the delicate vocal harmonies, thick with reverb, circulate through the mix” –

“Floating through an echoey netherworld of jangling and roaring guitars, subsonic bass, thundering drums, and vocals that drift as clouds through the paisley atmosphere, this music is space rock at its most engaging and organic, psychedelia that’s timeless because the music sounds too languid and loose-limbed to bother committing itself to any decade in particular” –

“…40% Ride, 40% Spiritualized and 20% Sounds of the Sixties”

“The creative tension between heavy fuzzed but light pop feel and East Coast drone and West Coast jangle is engaging and marks the band’s musical transition from dreamy reveries to scorching guitar tunes.” –

1. My Love
2. Let It Go
3. Hold On
4. I Look Around
5. She’s All I Need
6. War
7. Flowers of Ours
8. Hei Nah Lah
9. She Touched the Sky
10. All Fall Down
11. Empty Like a Little Child