The Asteroid No.4 (The San Francisco Bay Area, 2014)

The Asteroid No.4​ (The San Francisco Bay Area, 2014)

Over the last decade and a half they’ve built a trove of eight full length albums, well over a dozen compilation appearances, digital-only rarity releases and multiple singles; a feat that many modern bands would certainly find daunting. They’ve impressively managed to grow this lengthy body of work whilst building a solid underground fanbase in the USA, aided by extensive touring with old psyche buddies: THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE & THE LILYS whilst still remaining solidly underground, cult band.
The A4 sound is a hypnotic hybrid of several different genres filtered through the kaleidoscope of all things psychedelic, “Krautrock”, “Shoegaze”, folk and even 70s “Cosmic” country rock and despite never shying away from wearing their influences squarely on their sleeves, it’s their longevity that has matured them to the point of originality rather than simply homage. It is that same longevity that has enabled them to do whatever they want, when they want, allowing them the freedom to experiment, which certainly makes up the foundation for anything truly “psychedelic”.

1. The River
2. Rukma Vimana
3. Ghosts Of Dos Erres
4. The Windmill Of The Autumn Sky
5 Mount Meru Sitar – Thomas Wave
6. Back Of Your Mind
7. Ropeless Free Climber Sitar – Thomas Wave
8. Ode To Cosmo Sitar – Walker Phillips
9. Revolution Prevail
10 Yuba
11. The Windmill Of The Autumn Sky music video

Written, Produced & Recorded by The Asteroid No.4

Mixing and Mastering by Ryan Carlson Van Kriedt
Addtional Mastering by Shea Roberts

Artwork by Alan Forbes

Sitar: Walker Phillips
Carl Cheeseman
Thomas Wave Flanagan