LSD and the Search for God (San Francisco, 2007)

LSD and the Search for God​ (San Francisco, 2007)

Critically acclaimed debut EP from San Francisco’s psychedelic shoegaze space rockers, LSD and the Search for God. 

“Take a dose of LSD and the Search for God: The highly anticipated debut from these San Francisco space-rockers is finally here! 

“This masterful collection of five lysergic-dipped, guitar-based 

gems is delightfully reminiscent of the early Creation Records sound. Turn it on and tune in to a psychedelic trip, where swirling guitars and playfully flirtatious boy/girl vocals travel through dreamy pop hooks and fuzzed out drones. 

“This brilliant EP makes it clear why their astonishing live performances up and down the West Coast have firmly established LSD and the Search for God as the up-and-coming darlings of the underground psychedelic, spacerock, shoegaze community.” (Mind Expansion) 


“This impressive debut EP sounds just as epic as their name.” 

– The Deli Magazine, “CD of The Month” December 2006 

“If you dig Spacemen 3 or The Telescopes, you will definitely dig LSD and the Search for God.” 

– San Francisco Chronicle, “Bandwidth” 

“Dreamy indie-warp…” 

– San Francisco Chronicle, “Pop Beat” 

“An absolute treat for lovers of all things shoegazey and dreamy. Superb.” 

– Road Records (Dublin, Ireland) 

“A full-on shoegazer assault of crazed guitar sounds coupled with ethereal male/female vocals. It’s an excellent remedy for those who still miss Ride, MBV, Chapterhouse.” 

– Losing Today 

“Psychedelic shoegazers…” 

– SF Weekly 

“LSD and the Search for God are the rightful inheritors of the more coherent side My Bloody Valentine and the more experimental, noisy side of Luna.” 

– Real Detroit Weekly 

“Magical pop…that could inspire one to take meds without a prescription.” 

– Autopia Music 

“Blissed-out indie rock (think Lost in Translation soundtrack).” 

– Splendora 

1. Starting over

2. (I Don’t Think That We Should) Take It Slow

3. I don’t Care

4. Starshine

5. Heaven

6. This Time

7. Backwards