Gathering of The Tribes: The Second Renaissance

GOTT 2 THUMBNAILThe second Gathering of the Tribes music festival is underway in honor of the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. The Tribe is gathering once again to celebrate music, art and love for two days featuring visual artists, vendors, DJs, food, and more than 20-bands performing on two stages.

August 19/20, 12:00 PM -1:00 PM at The Midway, 900 Marin St, San Francisco, CA 94124. Gathering of the Tribes is an annual music and art festival, which is supported by the local music community and promoters. Tickets will go on sale mid June. Visit for more information.

Gathering of the Tribes: The Second Renaissance is our second music and art festival created to bring the local music and art community together from the San Francisco and Oakland psychedelic movement. One thing that sets this festival apart from other West Coast music festivals is that Gathering of Tribes gives new, up and coming local bands an opportunity to showcase their music, in addition to sharing the stage with established acts from the Bay Area and the West Coast. Every year, Gathering of the Tribes invites local visual artists to showcase their work for bands, which has been a long tradition since the days of the Red Dog Saloon, The Matrix and Avalon Ballroom. Additionally, independent merchants come together as a single marketplace to sell their goods.

“The first Gathering of Tribes in 2015 was more than just a festival–it served as a convention for artists and musicians to showcase their talents, some of which probably had not played together. The festival gave artists a chance to see other bands play, exchange ideas, network and mingle with the music patrons that came to see them for the first time. I expect the same camaraderie for the second festival.” Says Dennis Gonzales, SFGS Festival coordinator.

This year, The Midway and Pow Magazine are joining forces with The San Francisco Great Society to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, bringing bands from 1967 and 2017 together to celebrate our musical heritage that started in the San Francisco Bay Area 50 years ago. The Tribe is coming back on August 19 and 20.

About The San Francisco Great Society:

Dennis Gonzales is the founder/owner of Pow Magazine, an online video magazine. In 2015, Dennis cofounded the San Francisco Great Society with members of Innerlight Presents and the local music community to create Gathering of The Tribes. To learn more visit, or email: