Cellar Doors​ Frost / Prism (San Francisco, 2016)

Cellar Doors​ – Frost / Prism (San Francisco, 2016)

Doors are blowing up fast within the thriving California psych

Leading exponents of what is being called the third wave of
psychedelic sound; they have been coaxed out of their thriving
underground scene for support slots via invitation from the likes
of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Roky Erickson, Toy, Allah-
Las, Mystic Braves and Alex Maas (Black Angels), among

Their much anticipated debut album is one of the most hotly
tipped in recent times around the Bay Area, dripping with pure
power psych melody overlaid onto undulating walls of sound.
Powerful, brooding and danceable at the same time, it is at once
timeless and cutting edge.

Lead single “Frost” sounds like “helicopter blades cutting
through thick black molasses,” tearing out of the speakers as if it
were a forgotten classic on the jukebox of some far- away
planet, conveying the simple electricity of attraction while
staring at one’s own life in a hall of warped mirrors.
Released in a limited edition on white vinyl by Spiritual Pajamas
Records the single is accompanied by a video from English
director Nathan Seabrook.