SFGS New Website Redesign

SFGS Eye Ball Logo

The San Francisco Great Society launches their new website for future events.  After two-years since the last debut, S.F.G.S.,  has accumulated media resources for future promotions and sponsorship.  An important tool to for supporting events like “Gathering of The Tribes” and other smaller events. The music and art community will use the official website as a launch pad for our music videos, photography, social media sites and press releases.

The Next Gathering of The Tribes music and art festival in the works

Dennis Gonzales, SFGS Festival Coordinator
Dennis Gonzales, SFGS Festival Coordinator


For the second time in almost two-years, Dennis Gonzales, the founder of Pow Magazine is curating another San Francisco psych rock festival for the 50th Anniversary Summer of Love.  This grand endeavor  has been a labor of love since he returned from England after Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia. Dennis explained,“Since we didn’t have a festival in 2016, I knew we had to have another fest for the summer of love. The tribe is coming back.”

Pow Magazine will once more be involved in recruiting volunteers, over seeing operations plus booking bands for The San Francisco Great Society or S.F.G.S, a music community of musicians, artists and sponsors. Press release on the 1st of June.