CarnyMusic​ (San Francisco, 2018)

CarnyMusic​ (San Francisco, 2018)

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Carnahan. Riptide Beetle In The Sand Start Another Week Close Your Eyes

Carlton Melton "Always Even" (Northern California, 2014)

Carlton Melton “Always Even” (Northern California, 2014)

“When I was growing up I was lucky enough to have bedroom curtains decorated with stars, planets and other astronomical prettiness. It gave me a glimpse into the galaxy that I was otherwise denied by light pollution, not owning a telescope, and being too lazy to do a paper-round in order to buy myself a telescope. Now that I am …

Electric Shepherd​ "The Imitation Garden" (San Francisco, 2012)

Electric Shepherd​ “The Imitation Garden” (San Francisco, 2012)

All music written, arranged, and performed by The Electric Shepherd, except as noted: “Sometimes I Think About” – traditional cf. The Blues Magoos -Recorded at Edge of the World Studios, San Francisco (November 2011-January 2012) -Produced by Tommy Anderson and The Electric Shepherd -Mixed and engineered by Tommy Anderson -Mastering by Patrick Haight -Cover photo: Steven Hegedus / Design: The …

Buzzmutt​ - Static In The Minds Eye Chpt 1. (San Francisco, 2012)

Buzzmutt​ – Static In The Minds Eye Chpt 1. (San Francisco, 2012)

As active members of San Francisco’s music community, Scott Franklin, Jesse Olswang, Eric Alonzo, and Chaz Anton found in each other an instant musical connection, recording their first song together the first time the four ever found themselves in a room together. Like a chemical reaction each member a catalyst for the others creative drive. Logging in hours and hours …

The Asteroid No.4 (The San Francisco Bay Area, 2014)

The Asteroid No.4​ (The San Francisco Bay Area, 2014)

Over the last decade and a half they’ve built a trove of eight full length albums, well over a dozen compilation appearances, digital-only rarity releases and multiple singles; a feat that many modern bands would certainly find daunting. They’ve impressively managed to grow this lengthy body of work whilst building a solid underground fanbase in the USA, aided by extensive …

Cellar Doors​ Frost / Prism (San Francisco, 2016)

Cellar Doors​ – Frost / Prism (San Francisco, 2016)

Doors are blowing up fast within the thriving California psych scene. Leading exponents of what is being called the third wave of psychedelic sound; they have been coaxed out of their thriving underground scene for support slots via invitation from the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Roky Erickson, Toy, Allah- Las, Mystic Braves and Alex Maas (Black Angels), among …

Zodiac Death Valley​, Desert Bohéme (San Francisco, 2014)

Zodiac Death Valley​, Desert Bohéme (San Francisco, 2014)

Zodiac Death Valley is San Francisco past, future, and present: Cactus flower romanticism junk rock echoing the hardened curbside soul of The Haight and Mission districts, dark sailor music extracted from the cold bawdy Barbary waterfront, and sparkling vibrant optimism like a Dolores Park Summer day. This is their sacred ground and, just perhaps, never has one sound put it …

The Love Dimension​ 'In Between Lives' (San Francisco, 2011)

The Love Dimension​ ‘In Between Lives’ (San Francisco, 2011)

Recorded and Mixed by Greg Ashley, October – December 2010, at the Creamery Analog Studios in Oakland, CA. Jimmy Dias – Vocals, Guitar Celeste Obomsawin – Vocals, Percussion Raphael Wayman Davis – Bass Guitar Sean Carney – Guitar, Vocals Dave Polk – Drums With help from: Eric Amerman – Keys on Track 10 Greg Ashley – Keys on Track 2, …

LSD and the Search for God (San Francisco, 2007)

LSD and the Search for God​ (San Francisco, 2007)

Critically acclaimed debut EP from San Francisco’s psychedelic shoegaze space rockers, LSD and the Search for God.  “Take a dose of LSD and the Search for God: The highly anticipated debut from these San Francisco space-rockers is finally here!  “This masterful collection of five lysergic-dipped, guitar-based  gems is delightfully reminiscent of the early Creation Records sound. Turn it on and …