The San Francisco Great Society, SFGS, is a collective of musicians and artists that created the first modern psychedelic music and art festival “Gathering of The Tribes: A Psychedelic Music And Art Happening” on September 13, 2015 at The Public Works SF in the Mission neighborhood. For twelve hours, with live music and eighteen bands, we honored the first Human Be-In created by artist Michael Bowen forty-eight years prior.

SFGS’s goal is to bring local bands, artists, and the community together each year to celebrate music, food, and art from all over the Bay Area and beyond borders.

Each year, the tribe will come together to celebrate for several days to showcase the very best of San Francisco underground music. In the spirit of the original Gathering of The Tribes, at the first Human Be-In fifty-two years ago, the San Francisco Great Society and our partners have joined forces with SF-Marin Food Bank. Hunger is a serious problem in San Francisco and Marin, and we feel it is our responsibility to help our neighbors in need.   Each Gathering of the Tribes, we ask our music and art patrons to bring food for our barrels at the event.  The music and art community has come together to celebrate music, art, and love in the spirit of the Human Be-In, and the Diggers free food services.

We are a gathering of the tribe.

Thank you.

Dennis Gonzales

Festival Coordinator

CoFounder of SFGS

For press/media inquiries, please contact us at info@sfgreatsociety.org and we will reply as soon is possible.