San Francisco Great Society


*****Please note: we are not booking for GOTT 2018.*****

The San Francisco Great Society or SFGS is a collective of musicians that had created the first psychedelic music and art festival “Gathering of TheTribes: A Psychedelic Music And Art Happening” on  the 13th of September 2015 at The Public Works SF in the Mission neighborhood. For  twelve hours of live music with eighteen bands we honored the first Human Be-In created by artist Michael Bowen forty-eight years prior because we are a gathering of a tribe carrying on the tradition of celebrating music and art the San Francisco way.





SFGS’s goal is to bring local bands, artists, and the community together each year under one roof to celebrate music and art from all over the Bay Area and beyond our borders.

Once again, the tribe will come together this year to honor our musical heritage and the summer that shaped our City and the world through love, art and music.

For press/media inquiries, please contact us at info@sfgreatsociety.org and we will reply as soon is possible.

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